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    Integrally geared Single Stage Turbocompressors
    Modern, Highest Efficiency and smart in all aspects
    We provide reliable, proven technology for a competitive price
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    Your Next Turbo Engineering 4.0 App
    Design, Calculate & Plan your blower room
    all available in the AppStore and GooglePlay. Learn more...
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    Smart, Passionate and Experienced
    A team of dedicated, industry experts will go the extra mile
    to serve your project needs
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    Dual Device Control
    for optimal, wide range airflow regulation
    for highest efficiency at off-design points

NTT designs and manufacturers highest efficiency, modern integrally geared single stage turbocompressors for the aeration process focused mainly on the waste water treatment industry. We offer smart solutions in every aspect; from a passionate, experienced team.

Highest efficiency

Putting the core of the compressor back in the focus; learn how a carefully selected capacity regulation system can greatly enhance your investment decision ... and why it should be the first thing to ask a supplier.

An extended Scope

Explore our Turbocompressor Portfolio and the related Automation solutions to find the perfect match for your plant requirements. From Oxygen Control over Cascade Control to Most Open Valve…

Upcoming events

Learn more about the world of turbocompressors

In NTT's Aeration Academy is a selection of Explainer-Videos, 3D animations and articles bringing you the knowledge of turbocompressors nearer. It does not have to be complicated.

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