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Next Turbo Technologies S.p.A (NTT S.p.A) was founded with the believe that robust integrally geared turbocompressors are a requirement within the municipal and industrial waste water industry, for years to come.

The founders team combines nine decades of experience in the turbocompressor industry and has observed the need for high efficient, high turndown machines which at the same time have the robustness and standard parts availability required to give the customers peace of mind in an heavy duty operation environment.

NTT S.p.A believes that the required scope does not end with the supply of an high efficiency turbocompressor but rather should include a complete packages system solution. This includes the required automation solution for the compressor installation and the air distribution system as well as pre-tested packaged solutions and a full aftersales approach.

Our Sales & Service network

For NTT S.p.A. customer proximity and aftersales matters: A worldwide trained distributor network, supported by highly experienced personelle from our factory are available to reply to your project and service needs. Service, just-in-time at reasonable costs is NTT?s aftersales claim.

We are always looking for new partners

NTT S.p.A. is looking for partners to expand its worldwide presence. If you are interested to represent or distribute our extensive product portfolio in your region, do not hesiate to contact us.

The factory

The main factory is located in the municipality of Varese in Northern Italy, close to Milano and the swiss border. As one of the most industrialised areas in Northern Italy, and with major global aviation and military manufacturing companies, such as Aermacchi and AgustaWestland operating here, it sustains a landscape of highly skilled machining companies.

NTT S.p.A. concentrates the core competences such as Research & Development, Quality Control, Assembling and Testing inhouse, while utilizing the specialized machining suppliers.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for a witness test.