The first video in our
tutorial series

We have dedicated these video tutorials to shed some insights into the optimal design of turbocompressors and compare technologies and practices on the market.

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Diffuser vs. Speed Airflow Regulation
Tutorial Series

Learn why speed control is not the prefered method of regulating the airflow and what are the advantages of diffuser vanes.

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Can I see/ define more than four (4) operating points?

In the extended performance table the portal splits up the four exact points provided in the input. It will calculate for the four (4) environmental conditions all possible, distinct combinations with the flow-turndown and different differential pressures. This allows you to see the compressor complete perfromance space, which is defined by your excact four (4) points given.

If you would like to evaluate more than four (4) environmental/ ambient conditions (defined by temperature and relative humidity), please contact your responsible sales expert. We are more than happy to provide you these informations as required and as useful.